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Sunday, 18 October 2009

A Title, A Title, My Kingdom For A Title...

And I think I have one. But even if I don't I have found the theme for this year's Nano novel.

I ended up listening to the song that won this year's Eurovision Song Contest and found that the lyrics and general atmosphere of the song evoke the same kind of feeling as what I want the novel to have.

The title is still subject to change but its better then the one I had before:

Jingle Scissorclaws - A Fairy Tale.

I'm on Grimms complete book of Fairy Tales at the moment, to help me with the plot and see if I can't find an alternative title along the way. It worked for Dancing For Ribbons (I picked up a book on the Georgian era, when Dancing for Ribbons is set, and that was the first phrase I read when I opened the book at random)

November the first, here we come. For the first time, I feel like I could actually do this. :)

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