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Saturday, 31 October 2009

In Other News

I have finished revising The End Of The Dream. Oh bliss, and wonder. I've done it. I've actually revised something and not ended up hurling it out of the window in disgust because it's irrepairably awful!

Slightly perturbed that it appears to have gained nearly 3000 words during revision though. Isn't a completed draft of something supposed to equal 90% of the first draft? Mind you, I did have to rewrite the entire ending.

Thing is, what on earth do I do with it now?

One Day To Go

Ok. I think I'm ready. But let's do this Trainspotting style:

Doing (and winning) National Novel Writing Month: Stage One: preparation. For this you will need: one room which you will not leave; one pc; official fingerless 'Novelling' gloves, one pair of; one playlist; tea, endless supply of, for consumption hot or cold depending on how well the writing is going; easy to eat foods, such as grapes, crisps, buscuits, endless supply of; mouth wash; vitamins; water; Lucozade; one bucket for urine, one for feces, and one for vomitus (ok, that is a joke. I have a perfectly good bathroom!); various DVD's, mostly featuring Johnny Depp and/or directed by Tim Burton, or Doctor Who; and one bottle of rum, for when I get totally and utterly sick of writing and need to get hammered.

We'll leave the nasty things that you stick up your *censored* out of the equation, I think.

And now... now I'm reaady. :) Bring it on.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

A Title, A Title, My Kingdom For A Title...

And I think I have one. But even if I don't I have found the theme for this year's Nano novel.

I ended up listening to the song that won this year's Eurovision Song Contest and found that the lyrics and general atmosphere of the song evoke the same kind of feeling as what I want the novel to have.

The title is still subject to change but its better then the one I had before:

Jingle Scissorclaws - A Fairy Tale.

I'm on Grimms complete book of Fairy Tales at the moment, to help me with the plot and see if I can't find an alternative title along the way. It worked for Dancing For Ribbons (I picked up a book on the Georgian era, when Dancing for Ribbons is set, and that was the first phrase I read when I opened the book at random)

November the first, here we come. For the first time, I feel like I could actually do this. :)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Nano Worldbuilding

I have to say, worldbuilding is a lot more fun when I'm actually creating new worlds instead of researching 'real world' stuff. :) My Nanowrimo planning is going brilliantly. And I really hope that hasn't just jinxed it.

I still don't have a decent title though. I can't call it 'Jingle Scissorhandscat'. I just CAN'T.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Now On Twitter

I have finally joined the ranks of Twitterdom.

Find me at @roseghost on Twitter.

I'm thinking about doing a Twitter novel, using the really pared down style of messaging on Twitter. Each chapter/scene can be no more than 140 characters long.

I'm thinking maybe that is a project for December, though.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

The End Of The Dream Revision

I'm surprised at how well my revision is going. Reading through The End Of The Dream, it seems to be a remarkably clean first draft. I've almost finished the read through and working out where the problems lie, but there don't seem to be that many problems. But then it does have a very simple plot.

I'm more confused about what to do with it after revision. It's a very loose Doctor Who fanfiction, although I don't mention any of the names or situations from the series. I hint, but no more. You'd probably only guess what I was writing about if you were a fan of the series, but I don't want to try and publish and find myself faced with a lawsuit.

I think I'm going to post it here, in chapters, and on a few writing communities that I'm on. Then I maybe, just might hit some of the internet magazines to see if they will run it as a series piece. We'll see. I don't really want to make money from it, considering how heavily influenced it is by Doctor Who, but I want people to see it.