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Monday, 1 February 2010


Nothing much to report. I never seem to have time to post at the moment, which is why I've been quiet. I've had another cold as well and what with the hectic social life and all I haven't had time to get online for a week. And also my dear old PC is on its last legs.

I have barely had time to do any writing either. I am supposed to write 30,000 a month this year (unless revising or 'worldbuilding') and I only managed to write 22,000 in January. I know I push myself too hard so it ends up with writing being more like a chore but it's the only way I can get myself to do it.

I stole my fathers Doctor Who Magazine the other day so I could read the Matt Smith/ Karen Gillan interview, and I have to say from the sounds of it, the new series is going to be alright. Apparently it's 'Tim Burtonesque'. Although, I have to say I was confused by Karen Gillan in a policewoman's uniform - she is only 21 in real life. I didn't know they let them on the force that young, although that could explain why the country is in the state it's in? Unless they are having the actress portray someone older than she is, which is unusual. Perhaps there is a twist to it like she's a prostitute or it's fancy dress...

On that note, part 5 of The End of the Dream is up tonight and will stay up until Feb 11th. The link is below the blog title.

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