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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Day 12 in the big brother house...

Nothing much to report, hence the silly title. I'm not dead, just been sick for a few days (you say cold, I say swine flu. Ha) and immersing myself in Tim Burton films.

Hopefully this weekend I can get some work done on both my novels. I won't be able to work on them for the next two months (see schedule below) so I need to leave them in a good place. Already Dancing For Ribbons seems like a novel someone else is writing. It's growing away from me somehow.

Schedule for the next 2 months:

October 1st - 14th: Revise The End Of The Dream

October 15th onwards: Character building, worldbuilding, plotting for 'Jingle Scissorhands Cat'. That's not the real title, but considering that last year, my NaNo novel had 3 titles by the time I did the 3rd draft, I'm not pushing for one. I'm using a very abbreviated method from my 2YN course, as it has worked so well for D4R.

If I have any time left in October I need to do some NaNo practise to see how hard it really going to be to write 3350 words every day (including 'school' nights).

November: Write 100,000 words. Piece of cake...

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