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Thursday, 12 November 2009

Nano Update - Day XII

Yes, I know Roman numerals. How sad am I? I mainly learnt them from Tarot cards, though.

Anyway, re Nanowrimo: I'm at just over 35k and I'm finally starting to enjoy myself. This last week has been a slog and a half, especially with the hectic social life. I love my social life. I didn't much of one when I was a teenager, so I'm hugely grateful for having a social life now I'm couple of years into my 20's, but couldn't it hang fire until December?

Mention of December opens the doors for my Christmas rant, which I don't have time for now, but which I hope to be able to blog about over the weekend to give you a change from going on and on about Nanowrimo.

I'm happy with my novel today. I've written 2900 words tonight, and I'm now only 4500 words behind. And my characters have started to do things by themselves, which is wonderful.

And on that high note, I'm going to bed. :)

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